Scientific Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Anderson CJ, EA Tillman, WP Bukoski WP, SC Hess, LA Brennan, AB Shiels, PE Klug, SR Siers, BM Kluever. In Press. A Novel Parakeet-Selective Feeder for Control of Invasive Psittacines. Wildlife Society Bulletin.

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Anderson CJ, Brennan LA, Bukoski WP, Hess SC, Hilton CD, Shiels AB, Siers SR, Kluever BM, Klug PE. 2023. Evaluation of roost culling as a management strategy for invasive rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri) populations. Biological Invasions. PDF

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Veals AM, Holbrook JD, Blackburn A, Tewes ME, Anderson CJ, DeYoung RW, Campbell TA, Young JH. 2022. Multiscale habitat relationships of a habitat specialist over time: the case of ocelots in south Texas from 1982 – 2017. Ecosphere 10.1022/ecs2.4204 PDF

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Lombardi JD, CJ Anderson, DB Wester, SB Carter, A Blackburn, A Veals, L Schofield, JH Young, ME Tewes, HL Perotto-Baldivieso. In Review. Why did the ocelot cross the road: assessment of ocelot road crossing patterns in southern Texas. Target outlet: PLoS ONE.

Peer-Edited Publications & Technical Reports 

Anderson CJ, Brennan LA, Bukoski WP, Hess SC, Klug PE, Kluever BM, Shiels AB, Siers SR. 2021. Rose-ringed parakeet population control on Kauai: Management plan recommendation. Prepared for the State of Hawaii.

Anderson CJ, Brennan LA, Bukoski WP, Hess SC, Hilton CD, Shiels AB, Siers SR, Kluever BM, Klug PE. 2021. Roost culling as an effective management strategy for reducing invasive rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri) populations. Final Report QA-3185. USDA APHIS Wildlife Services National Wildlife Research Center, Hilo, HI.

Anderson CJ, Tillman EA, Bukoski WP, Hess SC, Brennan LA, Shiels AB, Klug PE, Siers SR, Kluever BM. 2021. A novel parakeet-selective feeder for control of invasive Psittacines. Final Report QA-3187. USDA APHIS Wildlife Services National Wildlife Research Center, Hilo, HI.

Tewes ME, Anderson CJ, Veals AM, Blackburn A. 2019. Landscape survey of ocelot-transportation interactions to guide project planning to reduce ocelot road mortality: Contract no. 57-8XXIA005, 0000014385. Report the Texas Department of Transportation Environmental Affairs Division, Austin, TX, USA.

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